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SA Deaths 1842–1915
contains 225,359 death registration entries 5 volumes
AUD$136.00 (incl GST &p+h in Aus)

Available from
SA Genealogy and Heraldry Society Inc
GPO Box 592, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia

SA Deaths 1842-1915

Sources for South Australian History

Sources for South Australian History
1998 2nd ed., Andrew Guy Peake, (1st ed. 1987), contains chapters on State Chronology and the following records: BDM, Church records, education, land, local government, service, employment, health & welfare, law & order, shipping, census, probate, adoption, changes of name, matrimonial petitions and Naturalisation as well as sections on Parliamentary Papers, Gazettes, early photographers, directories, almanacs, electoral rolls, telephone books, place mames and cemeteries A5, soft cover, 176pp., illustrations, indexed
ISBN 0958917760, AUD$26.00 (plus p+h)

Available from
Tudor Australia Press, 14 Tudor Street, Dulwich SA 5065, Australia

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