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AH SEE (1880s Springsure Qld Aus)
ALLCOCK (1800+ Norfolk Nfk Eng)
ARTHUR (1764 Newcastle upon Tyne Nbl Eng)
AUSTIN (1870+ Birmingham War Eng)

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BAKER (1800s Bristol Gls Eng)
BALL (1700+ Eng)
BALL (1700+ NSW Aus)
BARKWORTH (1788 Great Limber Lin Eng)
BEAVIS (1830 NSW Aus)
BEAZER (1850 Bristol Gls Eng)
BELL (1805 Poyntzpass Arm Irl)
BERMINGHAM (1800+ Cork Cor Irl)
BROWN (1700+ Broadwey Dor Eng)
BROWN (1800 Fordham Cam Eng)
BULLOCK (1727 Bishops Cannings Wil Eng)

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CARDEW (1918 Melbourne Vic Aus)
CHAPPEL (1834 Dursley Gls Eng)
CHESTER (1860s Kyneton Vic Aus)
CHINN / CHING (1830s Con Eng)
CLEAVER (1837 Henley on Thames Gls Eng)
CLEE (1860 Casterton Vic Aus)
COCKRAM (1878 Norwood SA Aus)
COCKRAM (1901 Brompton Park SA Aus)
COLLIS (1802 Dev Eng)
COOK (1880s Stanley Vic Aus)
COOMBER (1800 Sittingbourne Ken Eng)
COOMBER (1840 Bathurst NSW Aus)
COPPIN (1700+ Eng)
COPPIN (1800+ NSW Aus)
COPPIN (1800+ NZ)
CROWE (1815 Cappawhite Tip Irl)
CROWE (1834 Pallasgrean Lim Irl)
CROWE (1874+ Mt Gambier SA Aus)
CUNDY (1843+ NSW Aus)

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DATSON (1600 Con Eng)
DATSON (all yrs Aus)
DE CLOSETS D'ERREY (1866 Port Louis Mauritius)
DE CLOSETS D'ERREY (1898 Newtown NSW Aus)
DIXON (1853+ Port Adelaide SA Aus)
DONNISON (1870 Newcastle NSW Aus)
DONNISON (1870 Sydney NSW Aus)

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FEWSTER(1745 Durham Dur Eng)
FISCHER (1900s Brisbane Qld Aus)
FISHLOCK (1767 Bishops Cannings Wil Eng)
FOHRMAN (1800+ Varberg Halland Swe)
FORBES (1800+ Dublin Dub Irl)
FRENCH (1898 Sydney NSW Aus)
FUDGE (1840s Som Eng)
FUDGE (1880s Elmore Vic Aus)

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GALE (1860 Warialda NSW Aus)
GALLAGHER (1840 Ederny Fer Irl)
GALLAGHER (1860 Bungendore NSW Aus)
GAUL (1830+ Cork Cor Irl)
GODDARD (1836 Stourpaine Dor Eng)
GOODES (1800s Cam / Hun Eng)
GORDON (1700+ Keith Ban Sct)
GRAHAM (1820 Sti Sct)
GRAHAM (1950 Pollokshaws Lks Sct)
GRANT (1799 Sut Sct)
GREEN (1850+ Little Para SA Aus)

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HALL (-1840 Taunton Som Eng)
HAMILTON (1871+ south Melbourne Vic Aus)
HARRISON (all yrs Auckland NZ)
HARRISON (all yrs Wakefield Wry Eng)
HENNESSY (1860 Daylesford Vic Aus)
HIBBERT (1876+ Adelaide SA Aus)
HITCHEN (1800 Erringden Wry Eng)
HOLLAND (1795 Ockenden Ess Eng)
HORSEMAN (1807 Sts Eng)
HOWE / HOVEY (1863 Sho Ger)
HOWLIN (1700+ Irl)
HUDSON (1820s Calcutta India)
HULME (-1790 Putney Mdx Eng)
HUMPHREY (all yrs Newdigate Sry Eng)
HUNTER (1860s Paisley Lks Sct)
HYLES (1849 Bungendore NSW Aus)
HYNSON (all yrs worldwide)

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JEFFERY (1850+ Bideford Dev Eng)
JENKYN (1820 Gwinear Con Eng)
JENKYNS (1870 Hill End NSW Aus)
JONES (1700 Wls)
JOYCE (1700+ Irl)
JOYCE (1700+ NSW Aus)

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KEDWARD (1900 Cwmtillery Mon Wls)
KING (1850 Speymouth Mor Sct)
KINSEY (1860 Sal Eng)
KNOX (1700+ Can)
KNOX (1700+ Eng)
KNOX (1700+ Kilkeel Dow Irl)
KNOX (1700+ NSW Aus)
KNOX (1700+ Sct)

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LAISTER (1767+ Horbury Wry Eng)
LAZARUS (1810+ London Mdx Eng)
LAZARUS (1913 Sydney NSW Aus)
LOUDEN (1801 Glasgow Lks Sct)
LOWE (1910 Kalangadoo SA Aus)
LUCAS (1750 Tyr Irl)
LYON (1863 Hobart Tas Aus)

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McALLISTER (1856 Hobart Tas Aus)
McCLURE (1826 Irl)
McCLURE (1895 Ardwick Lan Eng)
McDONALD (all yrs Caputh Per Sct)
McINDOE (all yrs Killearn Sti Sct)

MACKINTOSH (1790 Croy Inv Sct)
MANN (1700+ Paul Con Eng)
MANN (1790+ Croy Inv Sct)
MARCHANT (-1835 Wolverton Som Eng)
MEAGHER / var (1870 Bendigo Vic Aus)
MONTGOMERY (1894 St Leonards NSW Aus)
MOORE (1875 Bullarto Vic Aus)
MOORE (1885 Warragul Vic Aus)
MORE (1700+ Avoch Roc Sct)
MOXEY (1920 Cessnock NSW Aus)
MURRAY (1874 Dunedin NZ)
MURRAY (1896 Broken Hill NSW Aus)
MURRAY (1914 Mt Gambier SA Aus)

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NEAL (1756 Binbrook Lin Eng)
NIXON (1854+ Adelaide SA Aus)

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OBRIEN (1833 Cootehill Cav Irl)

ORGAN (-1859 Mevagissey Con Eng)
ORGAN (1859+ Creswick Vic Aus)

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PALMER (1820 Colchester Ess Eng)
PALMER (1840 Newcastle NSW Aus)
PALMER (1850 Adelaide SA Aus)
PAVEY (1852 Calne Wil Eng)
PHILLIPS (1852 Sofala NSW Aus)
PITSON (all yrs Nuneham Oxf Eng)
PLEDGER (1880 Paddington NSW Aus)
POPLIN (1823 Mansfield Ntt Eng)
PRICE (1805 Isleham Cam Eng)
PUGSLEY (1800s Charleville Qld Aus)

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RANKIN (1819 Bathgate Wln Sct)
REGAN (1910 Pollokshaws Lks Sct)
REID (all yrs Cluny Abd Sct)
REYNOLDS (1880 Bendigo Vic Aus)

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SALTER (1790 Parramatta NSW Aus)
SAUL (1830 Doncaster Wry Eng)
SCOTT (1847 Sydney NSW Aus)
SHADWELL (1770s Lan Eng)
SHIELS (1860s Mln Sct)
SMITH (1865 Vic Aus)
SMITH (1874+ Longford Tas Aus)
SMITH (1890 Wilson SA Aus)
SPEECHLEY (1811 Lan Eng)
STEELE (-1800+ Congleton Chs Eng)
STEVENSON (all yrs Glasgow Lks Sct)
SWINDLEY (1700+ Waverton Chs Eng)
SWINDLEY (1870+ Tolga Qld Aus)

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TAYLOR (1834 Plymouth Dev Eng)
TAYLOR (1894 Burwood NSW Aus)
THOMPSON (1860 Warialda NSW Aus)
THORLEY (1800s Richmond NSW Aus)
TIBBETTS (1833 Rowley Regis Sts Eng)
TIPPER (1840 Stowey Som Eng)
TRINNE (1877+ Aus)
TRINNIE (all yrs Aus)
TURRAL (1832 Leamington War Eng)
TWEEDIE (all yrs Whitburn Wln Sct)

UREN (1864+ Orange NSW Aus)

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VALE (1760s Sfk Eng)
VALE (1850s Richmond NSW Aus)
VEALE / var (1840 Bishop Sutton Som Eng)
VENNER (1800+ Eng)
VENNER (1800+ NSW Aus)
VERRIER (all yrs Som Eng)

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WALLER (-1800+ Congleton Chs Eng)
WENHAM (1850 Shoreditch Mdx Eng)
WENHAM (1862 Pyramul NSW Aus)
WEST (1850 Hobart Tas Aus)
WESTON (-1800+ Nuneham Oxf Eng)
WHELAN (1860 Coomoora Vic Aus)
WHITTLE (1700+ Broadwey Dor Eng)
WHITTLE (1839+ Tam O'Shanter SA Aus)
WILDING (1813 Lavenham Sfk Eng)
WILDING (1818 Kettlebaston Sfk Eng)
WILDING (1860 Rockhampton Qld Aus)
WILLET (1900 Warragul Vic Aus)
WILLIAMS (1816 Mer Wls)
WILLIAMS (1848 Sydney NSW Aus)
WILLIAMS (1856+ Brownhill Creek SA Aus)
WILSON (1879+ Manildra NSW Aus)
WOOLNOUGH (1847 London Mdx Eng)


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