Garden Gaiety for Your Little Ones: The Specifics

Summer is the season for everyone who wants to have fun – kids, adults and pets! When you’re tempted to get busy in the garden with your bored toddlers and kids, you need to give a few things some thought, even if it’s a super simple activity!

Choose A Perfect Spot

If you’d built your current home in the pre-kid era of your life, you may not always have the perfect arrangement or setting at your outdoors that’s great for kids. Naturally, you may not have thought about child-friendly options back then. Sometimes, you tend to just leave such matters to deal with later. That’s the reason you may not always be able to simply get outdoors and get busy with your kids and toddlers straight away, but look for an appropriate place for the activity you have in mind. Keep in mind a few essential things like safety, calm and pleasant, and trouble free.


It’s also important that this temporary activity area you pick has got plenty of shade. It doesn’t matter if your activity is going to last minutes or an hour, just make sure there’s some shade for you guys to work with ease and enjoy your time. The thing about Summer is there’s always loads of fun things you can do during the season, however, at the same time, the scorching heat is no fun, especially when it comes to kids and their super soft and gentle skin. Therefore, shade and protection are key when you want to do fun stuff outdoors, even if it only lasts a couple of minutes!

A Simple Layout

As mentioned previously, arrangements and some order always become necessary when it comes to activities with kids, or you could both go crazy. If you choose to sit on the grass, make sure you have something like a picnic mat or rug, and then another layer over (if you’re going to have a session of messy play).

Make sure the set up looks pretty, pleasing and colourful, too, just like a toddler area should! Have one or two scatter cushions in vibrant colours and prints, these aren’t just great for adding a nice look, but is serves as protection in case your little one gets super excited and has little tumbles and falls. If you like the idea, but you don’t have any nice ones, you may want to look for them the next time you go shopping, or even online. Check the different colours available and pick out something that’s not just ideal for the season, but those that appeal to your little one’s eye!

Other Stuff

If you’re going to have messy play sessions outdoors, (aren’t all activities messy anyway, where kids are concerned?) you may want to make sure you’ve got all the ‘other’ important items in hand before you could jump into action.

For instance, make sure you’ve got your towels, change of clothes, the equipment and material for cleaning up, and of course, plenty of water and drinks, because obviously, you’re not going to be able to run in and out of the house once you’ve got yourself messy or drenched. Keep a written or mental note of all that you’d need and get them out in the garden without fail.

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