How to Help Your Child Adjust To Preschool

Feeling excited and anxious at the same time is normal during your child’s first days in preschool. There is a big change for both the parent and the child such as the routine, the environment and the people around. While some kids easily adjust to the new environment, some need more preparation and help from their parents. If it’s your child’s first time in preschool, here are some things you can do to help them adjust and be prepared in this new chapter.

Teach Them the Basics

The Early education programs in Altona prepare a child for kindergarten. Aside from the basic skills needed to take care of themselves such as eating, dressing up and washing hands, they are also taught primary knowledge such as the alphabet, numbers and counting, shapes, colours, and many more. You can give your child a boost in preschool by teaching him these things beforehand. There are lots of fun and creative ways to make learning more enjoyable for your child such as storytelling, puzzles and games. Your little one will be more confident at preschool because they already have an idea about these things.

Help Them Socialize

Preschool is a social environment that’s why it is important to help your child become more social to prepare him on that kind of environment. There are lots of ways to do this – going to play dates, allowing your child to play with other kids in the neighbourhood, and many other ways that they can mingle with other people. Aside from that, it is also essential that you teach them the value of sharing, cooperativeness and fairness because these are important when it comes to socializing with others.

Go to the Preschool Together

 Even before classes start, make sure that you visit the preschool together with your child. Have a tour around the area and let him feel comfortable and get used to the place. Give your child plenty of time to seep in the feel of the new place so it would be easier to adjust when classes start. Assure him that preschool is almost the same as your house. You may also try to let your little one meet some of the teachers and have a friendly conversation with them to make him feel at ease. If you think your child will have a hard time adjusting, try this technique more than once and see the difference.

Create Goodbye Routine

Each family has their own unique way of saying goodbye. Teaching your child unique ways to transition into preschool is one of the best things you can do to easy separation anxiety. There are lots of ways to do this – creating secret family gesture for goodbye, giving a goodbye kiss and hug before leaving, and many more. These routines give them something to look forward to everyday.

Starting preschool is a big transition but with your help as a parent, your child can definitely make it through the first days of school smoothly.

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