How To Make A Fast Recovery From An Injury Sustained During Games

A physical injury to an athlete is far more serious than to any other person. It causes them to take time off playing which can be damaging to their career and progress. But these are also very common. Whether the injury is minor or major, it is important that they make a fast recovery. Here are a few things you can do to make a quick recovery from an injury sustained when playing games.

First Aid

As soon as an injury occurs, first aid is the initial medical response, which is very important. This is to follow the RICE method. Rest the joint, limb or area of injury immediately. This means that you should stop playing the game immediately and refrain from using the limb causing you to be in more pain. A smaller injury can turn into a major injury if this first step is not followed properly. Then you must Ice the area of the injury.

This causes the blood vessels to narrow down, leading to less bleeding. It also helps with reducing pain associated with muscle spasms. Compression is next, where you must apply tight bandage in the next 48 hours around the area to prevent excessive swelling. Another thing that reduces the swelling is the last step which is to Elevate the limb. For example, if the injury is at the ankle, keep the lower limb up on a pillow or hard surface.

Get A Medical Opinion

After the initial first aid, always take a medical opinion immediately. Whether you believe it is a minor or major injury, you must visit a doctor and have them investigate it. If indicated an Xray might have to be done which will show if there are any bones broken or joints displaced. Professionals specializing in sport medicine, science and equipment should be consulted when trying to rehabilitate after an injury.

It is important that the joint or the bone heal in the right manner, or else you can end up with deformities which will limit your range of movement. Therefore, always consult a proper professional to get the help you need in making a recovery from the injury.

Rest Is Essential

Though it is stressful to take time off the sport as it is your career, you have no choice but to do so. You can’t go back to playing the game straight away. Rather you must rest, and allow the injury to heal. Your injury must be completely restored and you must get the clear from your doctor to go back. Even so, you must ease into the game gradually.

Start with some simple training gradually increasing the intensity. Always listen to your body and if an action causes you pain, you must refrain from doing it and rest more. It is seen how athletes hurry back into the games after an injury and sustain more serious injuries. This happens because their joints and bones are not completely restored, so do not do this mistake.

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