Reasons Why A Solar Power System Is Effective in Australia

Since solar power is generated from the sun, an energy source that would not run out soon, we could all benefit from solar power. The light and heat released by the sun are converted into electricity by solar panels. Since the solar panels could only capture the energy during the day and when the weather is sunny, there are places that are geographically and climatically in an advantage over the others.

Australia is one of those places that are leading the innovation in the residential solar power system because of the numerous reasons below.

Dry Climate

Australians are taking advantage of its dry climate as it is beneficial for solar energy production. It is evident since this industry is booming and as of early 2020, 2.4 million residential solar power systems have been installed. In fact, Australia is the leading country in the upsurge of homeowners opting to have solar power systems in their homes. During the season when bushfire smoke, dust and hail affect the weather, the output is reduced. Although, since the dry climate in Australia is making it possible to at least store solar power before the weather becomes hazy.


Since the Australian government is eager to encourage all of its citizens to convert into solar power system, they introduced the rebates program for homes and communities. Although this program was phased out in 2009, another program was introduced which still serves as an incentive for Australians to

opt for this renewable energy since they are receiving rebates and are eligible for interest free loans. Schools applied for grants and a total of almost 3,000 schools benefitted. Solar power system installers could explain to you about rebates and on how you could be eligible for it especially since there are paper works and documents that you need to submit.

Affordable Solar Panels

Since solar Sydney Australia has gained popularity among residents, the prices of solar panels have become more affordable. Since the demand is continuously rising, mass production also increases making the panels cheaper. There are ways that solar panels and installation costs could be further reduced such as tax credits and if the system is financed by lease or purchase. The size of the roof and how much energy you want the solar panels to produce is also a consideration.

Energy Efficient House Plans

Free energy efficient house plans have now been available by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. The design ranges from single story 2-bedroom townhouse, single story 3-bedroom home and a double story 4-bedroom home which are all designed to suit the different climates across Australia. The designs have a rating of 7 stars under the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme.

The effectivity of the solar power system lies on numerous factors but even in the coldest places or areas that are receiving less sun than others, solar power system still works. Even in winter months, as long as the solar panel is receiving sunlight, it will still generate electricity.

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