Things To Consider When Planning An Engagement On A Budget

Proposals these days usually aren’t cheap. In fact, the whole process of getting married and dedicating your life to someone isn’t cheap at all. People have got used to dishing out countless dollars but the fact remains that you don’t have to do so to make a proposal special. For those of you looking to save up some money towards married life, here are some things you can consider when planning an engagement.


Instead of hiring the best band or securing the best spot in the restaurant to go down on one knee, think back on something special about your relationship with your partner. It could be something you worked on together or a place that holds special value to you; essentially anything that stirs up sentimental thoughts and feelings. Use whatever comes to your mind as a base to go about how you’re going to propose or where.

Use Your Hometown

Why is it that you have to go to the sandy beaches of a tropical island to get down on one knee when you can do it right here! Your hometown probably has plenty of nice places that are proposal-worthy but you just have to take the time off to find them. Think like a tourist and scope out all the major landmarks as well as the romantic spots.

Get Creative

While you don’t have to be as creative as the artists on Pinterest, it doesn’t hurt to get your hands dirty on simple projects. For example, you can make her a simple scrapbook filled with all your special moments as a couple or you could make her a dinner filled with her favorite dishes. It takes a little effort but definitely pays off in the end.

The Photographer

The photographer is something you absolutely cannot forget because this is going to be one of the most monumental moments of your life and you need to have it documented! Even for those couples leaning towards the spontaneity of elopement, you can still hire one of the best New York elopement photographers to capture this moment. And we highly recommend you do.

Family And Friends

Proposals are a private moment, sure, but you can always invite your family and closest friends over to witness the special moment if you don’t mind making it a tad bit more public. Being surrounded by your loved ones could make the moment all the more special.

Ring Shopping

Don’t ever ring shop alone because it’s important to note that bigger isn’t always better. If you want to surprise your partner then take her best friend along instead so you can deliberate together which style suits her most. If you already have an idea or you’ve looked it up online, make sure to take pictures along with you.

These are the most important things to consider when you plan on proposing on a budget. It’s a smart move! And one that can still be played out romantically if you keep it sentimental and nostalgic.

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