Tips for Creating a Safe Sleep Environment for Babies

Parents start worrying about their newborn’s sleep even before the bundle of joy is born. Safe sleeping becomes in on the mind even when the soon-to-be parents start designing the nursery. As it is, new parents worry about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS for short.

While there is not certain way to prevent SIDS, doctors recommend certain practices that can reduce the risk of SIDS. When you set up the nursery for your new arrival, it’s best to follow the guidelines to keep it as safe as possible. Safety also goes hand in hand with comfort. Here are several top tips that would make your infant’s sleeping environment as safe and comfortable as possible:

Give the Infant His or Her Own Crib

Babies should sleep in the same room as their parents to reduce the risk of SIDS. However, the risk of SIDS increases if the newborn sleeps on the same bed as the parents. This is not a cause of SIDS, but an adult could accidentally roll over the child in sleep and not notice is. The child could get pressed against a sleeping adult, possibly cutting off the air supply.

For these reasons, doctors recommend new parents to give infants their own crib or a bassinet to sleep in. Choose a highly safe product possibly under the advice of your paediatrician. Avoid recliners and fluffy surfaces.

Buy a Comfortable Mattress

It’s highly recommended to get a breathable baby mattress for the crib or the bassinet. This type of mattress allows air through the material, facilitating a more comfortable sleeping environment. It may help prevent overheating during the warmer months. Overheating is identified as a likely cause of SIDS. In any case, breathable material is more comfortable for babies as they are for adults.

Don’t Keep Blankets in the Crib

Avoid placing blankets, pillows, soft toys or any other fluffy material on the cradle. These items may lead to suffocation if the infant turns on the side during sleep. Babies can get tangled in blankets too. Extra material on the crib could lead to overheating during summer months. For these reasons, doctors recommend keeping the crib bare as much as possible.

Anything that could potentially interfere with breathing should go. That’s why buying a good mattress as recommended above is crucial. (You can place a sheet on it of course, just make sure it’s not a quilt.)

Help Baby Sleep on the Back

Your child should sleep on his or her back to reduce the risk of SIDS. Babies who sleep on their sides might have trouble breathing. Infants should not sleep on their tummies as that could easily cut off the airway. Your child should sleep on the back on a bare crib to best reduce the risk of SIDS.

Choose Warm Clothes During Cold Months

Keep your baby warm with winter clothes during the cold months. Don’t cover up the infant in blankets. Don’t place pillows next to the baby for warming purposes either. Even in winter, make sure the baby is not overheated because of too many clothes and too high air conditioning.

The above tips are suggestions paediatricians recommend to reduce the risk of SIDS. You can ask for more guidance from your paediatrician as well.

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