What Is The Melbourne Food Scene Like At Night?

There are a lot of things Melbourne is famous for and food is one of them. From fine dining to street food, this city has it all. High end restaurants, cafes, pop ups, dessert shop, roadside outlets  or street vendors, Melbourne is always bustling with the trendiest of chefs and the most delicious food.  Anyone with a love for food could find happiness at any one of the numerous outlets the city has to offer.

Where To Head

At night Melbourne’s air has the hint of spice, it has the sweet smell of dessert and smoke from the barbeque makes it even more fragrant.  Unlike other cities, there are particular streets like Collins Street bars in Melbourne packed to the brim with food vendors and eateries.

The food and drinks served by restaurants in the city are to die for. Fresh ingredients are brought in daily and the funkiest of drinks are invented in house. What else could a food lovers dream be? It is a culinary journey in all its esteem.

Food, Food And More Food

With such a wide array of food on offer, making a choice gets hard. You could head to a rooftop bar for a view of the beautiful city or join the Queen Victoria Night Market for a more traditional meal. For a healthy alternative you could hop into one of the many delis offering organic and healthy menus.  Maybe you could try the many cuisines offered by the various restaurants lined up. Some of them include Indian, Sri Lankan, middle eastern, Chinese, Italian, the list is endless.  Neither the vegetarians nor the fast food lovers have to shy. There’s something for everyone and the city offers the most delicious dining scene.

With produce from all over the country every plate of food has a story to share.


A friend’s meet up, a family gathering or just a dinner out- there are sufficient places the city has to offer.  Most of these food outlets are always packed with foodies. The staffs are very friendly and welcoming; many of them even help enlighten the menus to their customers.

 If you’re looking for a quieter and peaceful dinner, or maybe a romantic date the fine dining restaurants would be a better choice. With music and subtle décor, the environment is definitely built to lift up moods.

Drinks And Dessert

Melbourne is not short of wineries, bars and shops selling only desserts. You could hop into any of these places for an after dinner course or for a late-night sugar fix- Macaroons, doughnuts, cakes- you name the sweet. There are pop ups selling inventive, delicious desserts every day.  

The Dining Culture In Melbourne Is 24/7

With such a rich food culture and a new store opening every now and then Melbourne’s restaurants are open till the wee hours and won’t let you turn empty handed. With such extensive produce the country has to offer there are places for every budget.

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